UTAC Holdings Ltd and its subsidiaries (“UTAC”) is a leading independent provider of assembly and test services for a broad range of semiconductor chips with diversified end uses, including:

In-communications Devices
Consumer Devices
Computing Devices
Automotive Devices
Security Devices
Devices For Industrial
Medical Applications

We offer our customers a full range of semiconductor assembly and test services in the following key product categories: analog, mixed-signal and logic, and memory.


Our customers are primarily fabless companies, integrated device manufacturers and wafer foundries.


UTAC is headquartered in Singapore, with production facilities located in Singapore, Thailand, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. Our global sales network is broadly focused on five regions: the United States, Europe, China and Taiwan, Japan, and the rest of Asia, and we have sales offices located in each of these regions.

Talent Development

Learning & Development

UTAC provides Induction & Orientation training to ensure a smooth on-boarding process for all new hires joining its companies. The program is organized within the first month to provide an introduction of the respective sites, its business and other essential matters relating to their employment.


Respective departments will also conduct orientation training that provides an overview of the departments’ structure, familiarization with people and also cover key processes.


Given the strong need to ensure we produce quality products and services in the test and assembly industry, all new hires in operations/manufacturing also undergo a structured and comprehensive on-the-job training that may cover processes, equipment or other relevant areas. Employees undergo a certification process before they are authorized to perform on the job.

Leadership Development

In line with UTAC’s philosophy and values to develop its employees, all sites also provide annual training plans for its employees to develop their leadership, functional and technical capabilities. Based on business and individual’s development needs, opportunities are also given to employees to attend external training courses, conferences and seminars.


As part of our initiative to build leadership competencies, UTAC Corporate also introduces customised and modular courses for its leaders and mangers. Corporate programs such as U-GROW course was launched to ensure its managers are equipped to lead and provide coaching and feedback to their teams.


To foster a common approach in managing people, other standardized courses and workshops were introduced to enhance our leaders’ capabilities to engage, motivate and retain our employees.

Employee Communication & Engagement

To effectively manage changes and business transitions, UTAC undertakes several Organization Development initiatives to communicate engage and align employees across its businesses.


UTAC’s CEO, John Nelson conducts a Quarterly CEO Communication covering industry trends, UTAC’s business performance and future outlook. The session ends with a Question & Answer Session & Award Ceremony. The session is attended “live” by Managers based in Singapore while regions participate via video-conferencing.


UTAC’s CEO & site GM’s also conduct small group communication sessions with their respective employees to engage them and share updates, address issues/concerns and even solicit ideas and suggestions for improvement.


Standardized U-PULSE Survey is conducted across its sites to measure employee engagement level and address employees areas of concerns and gaps in leadership.


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