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Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company (SSMC) is a joint venture of NXP and TSMC. Manufacturing began in the year 2000 and to date, SSMC has grown into a sought after provider of 8” wafer fabrication and foundry services. SSMC is reputed to offer flexible and cost effective semiconductor fabrication solutions with strong focus in producing specialty wafers for Automotive, IoT, Portable & Wearable and Secured Connectivity applications. The company has a development centre for expanding its process technology portfolio, with differentiated offerings through the utilization of leading CMOS, Embedded Flash, High Performance Mixed Signal, RF, BCD. HV and Sensor technology.

We Drive Tomorrow’s Innovation,
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At SSMC, we are an industry leader driving Internet of Things (IoT) technology and solutions. When you join SSMC, you will become a part of a dedicated team, focused in the creation of technologies that can change the world.

Why ssmc is the right choice

We are a Joint Venture of NXP and TSMC. Established since 1998. US$2.3B Investment

With a diverse, equal and inclusive culture with 1,400 talented employees from 17 nationalities

We focus on lifelong learning and competency development. A SkillFuture Employer since 2015

Join Our SSMC Family

We seize opportunities to advance our world and improving lives that we touch with every silicon chip we make. We encourage passionate, innovative talented people to come join our dynamic team. Join Us! 

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Improving the lives we  touch with every silicon  chip we make
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