Singapore Polytechnic

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Using FPGA


FPGA offer high throughput and low latency and have demonstrated better performance compared to GPUs and CPUs. This project applies artificial intelligence to enhance two solutions using the System-on-Chip approach with FPGA technology, namely, an automatic face-recognition (FR) system for attendance taking and an AIoT system for vertical farming applications. 

Smart workflow solutions


Smart Workflow Solutions (SWS) use latest i4.0 technologies, factory automation, sensor intelligence and their seamless integration to provide improved productivity and efficiency for production processes that are Distributed, Cellular, Flexible, and Visible throughout the entire production process. SWS provides connectivity of equipment, devices and sensors in a factory.

Autonomous Mobile Robots


This project explores Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) operating in an outdoor environment, where navigation is a great challenge as the environmental changes are dynamic. The AMRs are able to collect and deliver items, based on request, from one building to another. They are able to navigate around on their own, avoiding obstacles, and returning to their source if any unexpected situation arises. 

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