Semiconductor Active Youth (SAY) Ambassador Programme

The Semiconductor Active Youth (SAY) Ambassador Programme is a one-year programme meant to create a robust pipeline of young talent for the semiconductor industry, working in close partnership with both Institutes of Higher Learning (Polytechnics and Universities) and leading companies in the industry. Ambassadors gain valuable insights and hands-on experience in the semiconductor industry, and training and mentorship opportunities with industry leaders from the companies across the value chain. 

Companies will pair the mentors with the ambassadors and to also provide with relevant industry content. To pilot this programme, six queen bee companies will be participating in the first year:

These student ambassadors will be the future of our industry and a voice to influence their peers to the industry through their vision and passion. Student ambassadors who have been identified to participate in this programme will be supported by the following:

  1. Internship and continuous engagement with companies to gain a deeper understanding of the industry.
  2. Community activities and initiatives, with content and support from companies through summer camps and workshops
  3. One-on-one engagement with Mentors from the industry to guide these students’ careers along the way
  4. Continuous engagement with industry leaders through various SSIA platforms

These future leaders will be empowered to create positive change, represent the student community through activities and more importantly, to bring a different perspective to the industry.

This programme will be launched on 17 January 2023 at the Electronics Industry Day.

If you are interested in participating as an ambassador, please contact [email protected] and [email protected] with your CV*.

*Kindly note that applicants will be screened and we will notify successful candidates upon acceptance.

SAY Ambassador Programme First Get-Together

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