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At School of Engineering (SEG), we do not just create engineers; we mould and innovative problem-solvers. Going beyond traditional teaching methods, our students experience hands-on learning and out-of-classroom lessons that transform them to be well-rounded individuals with confidence.


SEG students also get to hone their capabilities and adaptability through solving real-world problems. They work with their peers and undertake industry projects and internships. This is how new ideas, processes, and systems are developed for the industry.


Our experienced lecturers provide mentorship and guidance for every student as they overcome challenges and scale new heights. With a never give up attitude, students go on to chart their engineering careers forward. 

Beyond the classroom

We believe that learning can occur anywhere and at any time. Take advantage of the wide range of exciting opportunities offered by SEG to apply your knowledge and develop new skills outside the classroom. Know more about eLEAP, our unique programme that helps in moulding the next generation of engineering leaders.


      1. Aerospace Engineering
      2. Aviation Management
      3. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
      4. Engineering Design with Business
      5. Engineering Systems with Management
      6. Industrial & Operations Management
      7. Supply Chain Management
      8. Sustainable Built Environment

To learn more about us, please feel free to find out more information from SEG link below.

School of Engineering (SEG) (rp.edu.sg)


Any inquiry please contact Dr Yang Hong ([email protected])

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