Kinergy Introduction & Overview

Kinergy core business is contract manufacturing of high tech capital equipment since 1988. We specialize in building full turnkey products of highly integrated solution including structures, automation and integrated subsystems. 


With decades of experience, technical and design capabilities, manufacturing know-how, innovative supply chain strategies and global product manufacturing expertise we are able to improve product performance and get you to market faster and more cost effectively.


While you focus on innovation and driving your business forward with your customers. We focus on efficiently and effectively producing your products in parallel, allowing you to stay ahead of competition. 


Spectrum of market that we serve are complex and innovative modules systems in Semiconductor, Display, Memory, Hard-disk, Life science, Test and Analysis and industrial products.  


Electronics Manufacturing Services division provides highly customized solutions for the high tech SPE complex capital equipment industries. As a proven & trusted service provider. Our focus is to cater to your needs, from the complexities of strategic sourcing, to technical engineering solutions, and challenging cost demands.


Whereas in Original Design Manufacturing division, products marketed under our proprietary “Kinergy” brand.  Kinergy design and engineering team works closely with OSAT customers to customize our proprietary designs according to their requirements. We produced over 20 different types that provide production solutions to numerous test and assembly companies.


HR Portion

If you are passionate about learning how technology improved our live and improve the way we work, you are look at the correct place. We provide opportunity for qualified candidates to learn how equipment is manufactured. Proper guidance train you to understand from concept phase to design phase to final end product with stringent quality control and testing.


Working with capable leaders from varies department, you will enjoy our systematic and careful planning metrology to achieve optimum result and goal. Many graduates understanding of Engineering career with management skills will lead your into unlimited potential. We are group of enthusiastic and highly driven team. 


Working at Kinergy provide opportunity to travel all over the world. We have customers in many part of the world with common passion in technology and development atmosphere. You will be given high degree of independence and responsibility in your position. 


If you have the drive for knowledge and desire to solve complex technical issues and want to make the different with pragmatic and ambitious mind-set. You are the one, we are looking forward to meet up with you.

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