DISCO Hi-Tec (Singapore) PTE LTD

DISCO is a Japanese manufacturer of precision processing equipment and tooling, especially for the semiconductor industry. Founded in 1937, DISCO was originally a grinding wheel manufacturer under the name of Dai-Ichi Seitosho CO., Ltd. By rapidly adapting to market needs and delivering on-demand technologies, DISCO has established itself as a market leader in dicing (Kiru), grinding (Kezuru) and polishing (Migaku) technologies. Today, DISCO has more than 5,000 employees across 52 sites worldwide. DISCO’s greatest strength lies in our four distinct business fields, each interwoven to provide total solutions: Precision Processing Consumable Products, Precision Processing Equipment, Application Know-How, and Service Support.

DISCO continuously pushes the boundaries of our Kiru, Kezuru and Migaku (KKM) technologies by actively utilizing original and creative ideas. Our R&D centre is located at our head office in Tokyo. What our customers want is not the product itself, but the processing solutions. Testing helps determine whether the solutions required by our customers can be realized. Such testing, called test cuts, can be done in our Applications laboratories. We also provide small lot processing, called KKM service, as we understand that our customers need to determine the viability and repeatability of our processing solutions.

The latest technology offerings from DISCO include the following:

  • DWR1722 is a fully automatic DI water recycling unit, with functions for DI water production, water temperature adjustment, filtration, and removal of suspended solids.
  • DIS100 is a full automatic system that picks up a die from the wafer after dicing, and measures the die thickness, chipping, backside surface roughness and its die strength.
  • UNITRAY is a tray for IC chips with the same dimensions as the JEDEC tray and was designed by DISCO. The weak adhesive gel sheet attached on the surface of a UNITRAY secures the die and can be used repeatedly upon cleaning.


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