Component Technology

Component Technology Pte Ltd started business as a distributor in 1989. After a few years of R&D, developed and supplied on our own automatic post die and wire bond inspection machines in 2009. We have since become a leading solution provider in this field.


We produced one of the world’s first stereo vision triangulation wire bond inspection machine that performed effectively for our customers’ quest to achieve zero defect. Through continuous development, we added features to meet the automation requirement of the industry. With over a decade of research and development, we are a reliable provider of automated and cost-effective inspection solutions. We are able to provide full support to our customers because our product is fully developed and assembled by our subsidiary companies. 


Our products also include automatic machines for post wafer saw vision inspection, Lead frame inspection equipment and X-ray Image Analyser.

We have already started developing machine learning software to cater for smart factory, smart control in accordance with Industry 4.0.

Products & Services

1. IV-W wafer inspection machine

2. IV-E bonded die and wire inspection machine

3. IV-T bonded die and wire inspection machine

Inspection Capabilities

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