About the Electronics and
Semiconductor Industry

Imagine life without the Internet, smart phones or computers. This is the huge impact of electronics on our lives. Miniature electronic brains – also called semiconductor chips – are embedded in almost all modern tech gadgets. These chips help us live, work, play and learn better.

The Semiconductor Value Chain

Building semiconductors is a complicated process of R&D, manufacturing, testing, quality control, packaging, distribution and marketing. The entire chain can be divided into 9 categories.

    1. Product company/Fabless Design House/R&D
    2. Wafer Fabrication Plant (Fab)/Foundry
    3. Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM)
    4. Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) and Test Services
    5. Equipment Manufacturer
    6. Materials & Chemical Supplier
    7. Electronics Manufacturing Services(EMS)/ Original Device Manufacturer (ODM)
    8. Other services
    9. Research & Academia

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Sparking Possibilities

Innovations in the electronics industry have sparked the progress to 5G and smart wearables on our wrists, with chips becoming smaller, faster and more reliable.

Smarter Future Ahead

Electronics enable technology behind smart cities, to help us live and work better.

Electrifying Jobs and Opportunities

Keen to chip in to create exciting electronics? As smart factories become the norm, companies are  looking beyond traditional roles such as engineers and technicians. Multidisciplinary individuals who can tap emerging tech trends to work smarter will have an edge!