The Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA) was originally founded under the name “MIDAS” in 2004, which was an association supporting the microelectronic devices industry in Singapore. In 2010, it was renamed to SSIA to include companies within the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing eco-system and has been operating as a non-profit organisation ever since.


SSIA is the voice of Singapore’s semiconductor industry and is committed to support this important sector in Singapore in order to facilitate substantial growth of the semiconductor economy of the country. Our activities focus on industry and talent outreach and continuing education, as well as to collectively address industry needs. We bring together industry players, academia, and government agencies. SSIA is also a platform for members to reach out to new business opportunities, industry alliances, and partners. We provide networking and relationship opportunities beyond the boundaries of Singapore.


SSIA members today include companies and organizations throughout all parts of the complex and comprehensive value chain – IC design companies, Manufacturers, Fabless companies, Equipment suppliers, Photovoltaic and LED companies, EDA and Material suppliers, Training and service providers, IP companies, Research institutes and Academia, as well as individual members.

With the emergence of new technologies such as AI, robotics and industry 4.0 wave including the IoT technology, the industry is facing a dynamic explosion of growth and opportunities. SSIA has a new mandate under the Electronics Industry Transformation Map (ITM) to diversify and grow the Singapore semiconductor industry, increase productivity, develop new job skills talent pipeline, internationalise local Electronics and semiconductor business.


Over the past 52 years, Singapore’s semiconductor industry has redefined itself, moving rapidly up the value chain. Today, it is leading the charge and powering what will be some of the defining technologies of the future. SSIA hopes to support the next generation of semiconductor talents who will shape the technologies of our future. Join us and be at the forefront of the digital age.